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What SCAFFOLD does:
Like scaffolding, we provide project-based support: there when you need the help, removed when the project is complete or on hiatus. Contact Scaffold when you need to draft a grant proposal, prepare materials for exhibitions, edit new website content, or simply need critical feedback for a project in your studio.

We work with individuals who have been working as professional artists for at least five years, with consistent studio practice and evidence of career direction and commitment.

Grant and residency research, proposal writing and/or editing.
Local, national, international; short-term or long-term; discipline-specific or cross-disciplinary: we can help you find opportunities, build and submit proposals, and strategize long-term goals and plans.  

Project management and planning, including budgets and calendars.
Some folks hate spreadsheets and deadlines. Not us. Scaffold can put some order to your studio practice and finances. No judgment and totally, 100% confidential, of course.

Project research.
Our director, Claire Huschle, has two degrees in art history, a university teaching career, and a family full of librarians--making her a research nerd. "Give me a few paths to look down and I will come back with a reading list or image collection. I have a reading knowledge of French, too."

Exhibition management.
Artists preparing for gallery or museum exhibitions sometimes find it a challenge to tackle the administrative hurdles of exhibiting while trying to finish a body of work at the same time. Leave those to Scaffold. We'll proofread the wall and catalogue texts; manage loan agreements and condition reports; liaise with curators, press departments, and installers; and in general set your mind at ease so you can focus on your art work. We can help at the end of the show, too.

Website content writing and/or editing.

Catalogue content and editing.

Press material preparation.
Working with your website designer or using your mailing list and email marketing account, we can create or edit website content, catalogue copy, or press materials that are accessible yet intellectually rich. Our academic training coupled with our work in community-facing arts spaces means that we can tailor your content to any number of audiences.

Studio visits/critical feedback.
Sometimes you need an independent voice to give you feedback on your latest ideas and experiments. Having worked with professional artists for over two decades, we have a solid, mutually-respectful rapport with a wide variety of artists, an appreciation for disciplines from traditional painting to conceptual art and social practice. We’ll ask questions, probe your motivations, share art historical precursors, and make suggestions.    

Don’t see your project on the list? Send an email.

We want to help artists build sustainable careers. Scaffold’s hourly rates are geared toward working artists, and our payment terms are reasonable, too. Send an email to get a project time and cost estimate.

What Scaffold doesn’t do:
We don’t manage careers or represent artists. This also means that we don’t sell work or take commissions. Instead, we help with all the administrative things that will facilitate artists finding and/or maintaining representation.

We don’t advise on graduate school applications. But we know some great folks you can talk to!

We don’t manage your digital footprint. Also, in most cases, we won’t go under the hood of your website to add or edit content directly. We’ll leave that to you or whoever maintains your website.

We don’t facilitate avocational projects. Scaffold’s services are reserved for working, professional artists. If you’re not sure where your project falls, send an email.

We don’t act as  studio assistants.  But we're happy to help you find someone!